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Honey compositions are a mixture of natural honey with various nutritious additives. These days they are actively gaining popularity, since they provide the opportunity to maintain the proper functioning of the body without those chemical additives that are sold in pharmacies.

Advantages of honey compositions

If you are still not sure in your choice yet and want to be familiar with the advantages of such compositions, it is well worth considering their features:

What to chose?

You need to determine the main purpose of honey composition while choosing it, because everything depends on it. Find some examples of how to correctly use the properties of certain products down below.
1. Creamed honey with beebread
Beebread is an antitoxic substance that normalizes leukocytes in the blood. It also increases hemoglobin and erythrocytes.
2. Creamed honey with pine nuts
Pine nut is rich in B and E vitamins. It also contains rare amino acids that many people do not consume at all.
3. Creamed honey with blueberry
Blueberry is useful for eye diseases, diabetes, ulcers, stomatitis and other problems. It is often used not only as a preventive measure, but also as a treatment

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