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Honey is a unique natural product; it is not only a nutritionally valuable food item, but also an important commodity in the world trade.

The key activity area of KMK is export. What is the difference between "exported honey" and a usual one on the Russian market? In general terms, there is no difference. In preparation of an export batch, each packaging unit (a jar, a cube) is examined in the internal laboratory of the company to comply with the standards of the country where it will be sent. The honey that does not correspond to requirements document for such indicators as, for example, pesticides and their metabolites, antibiotics, and impurities is rejected. After the right amount of honey is selected, the whole batch is collected in a large mixer, where it is mixed into whole one.

Before shipment, the batch is additionally tested in the laboratories of: RosTest (Moscow), Apis (Bykovo), Eurofins GeneScan GmbH (Freiburg, Germany), Intertek Food Services GmbH (Bremen, Germany).

Upon completion of the inspection, a homogenized batch of Russian honey with a volume of 5/10/20 tons becomes an export. A packaging for this can be any certified container in Russia and in the importing country. A standard packaging is a 200-litremetal drum, which holds 208-300 kg of the product.

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